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Vacation from Nothing

Posted: July 9, 2012 in exercise record
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Summer is officially in full swing: the days are hot, the nights are muggy, and I’m working at the library and squeezing lake time in whenever possible. I went for a run along the Caspian Lake road this past week, and wrapped it up with a fully-clothed (sans socks/shoes) dunk in the lake. Spartans never really go on vacation 😉
I have also encountered my arch-nemesis for my current workout goals: HEAT.  I had a taste of this back in the March heatwave, but it’s really something crazy when every run is a struggle to keep cool and hydrated.  I’m loving the post-run sweaty accomplished feeling though – also keeping in mind how utterly amazing the cool Autumn and Winter temperatures will be for my performance (woot!) – I believe some cool-weather races are in my future!
As far as other goals and exercise, I’ve officially designated Sunday as “Long Run Day,” where I must get out and jog/run for at least 4.5 miles (walking as little as possible). Twice now, I have completed a 5.63mi loop from my house, with very limited walking, and a whole mess of elevation changes (check out the mapmyrun twitter posts to the left for more detailed info on that loop – I try to track it with the GPS each time). It’s brutal, and super crappy while I’m running in the sweltering heat (“embrace the suck,” right?), but incredible to say that I’m now able to tackle it with increasing success.

I’ve managed to keep the momentum going these past months, and it’s reached a point where I can no longer deny that my life has changed – the mind-shift that happened in February stuck, and I am legitimately uncovering a better “me” every day.
To commemorate this massive shift, I plan to get a tattoo! I spent down-time at the lake this week sketching and testing different ideas, until I finally decided: large-ish (5-6″) wings on the outside of both ankles – a la Hermes, the patron of running and athletics.


here's the first pen-drawn tester I managed.

I am ridiculously excited about this. Until this point, no designs truly spoke to me. I had respect for original ink, but could never decide on a concept for my own body. After mulling this one over for a week, then wearing it for two days, I’m absolutely certain. I feel badass and proud of those wings, and can’t wait to see what the artist comes up with for a design.

So! Once I complete my Sprint in August, I’ll reward myself with the wings I’ve earned.

And I will fly.