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Baby spinach salad with avocado, shaved herb deli turkey, sauteed onions and peppers, with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

The taste verdict is: Ohhhdeliciousomnomnom.  Just finished, so we’ll see how full I am in an hour or so (after making sure I’ve had enough water to balance out the sodium in that Turkey…eeeee).

But how are we on health here?  It’s got protein, good fats (avocado, how I love thee), dark-color veggies, and fiber…but what about the right type/amount of carbs?  There’s maybe a tablespoon of olive oil, too – the peppers would be awful “bleh” without it; is there a better oil alternative?

As to timing: I’ve heard it’s not good to have a carb-heavy dinner, and since we’re at about 7pm right now I decided to go full-on salad rather than wrap.  I’m trying to fill my stomach with more veggies and protein than carbs – have I succeeded?  Is this a good idea?

Remember, I’m starting slow with the dietary stuff, but suggestions are awesomesauce.